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CBS Sport Football Men

CBS Sport has six men's teams playing both 11-a-side and 7-a-side at differing levels with varying degrees of intensity. We have had strong membership growth over the past couple of years and with a strong continuous interest in our club, we are priviliged enough to be able to be selective concerning new football players. Combined with our limited training facilities, high membership retention, and strong existing talent pool, we are therefore only able and willing to admit few prospective players.

We have recently hosted our spring 2016 try-outs and are therefore not accepting any new players until next season as the squads are at full capacity. However, if you wish to be contacted when an opening appears, please send an email to

CBS Sport Football Women

CBS Sport proudly fields three women’s teams, two 11-a-side teams and one 7-a-side team. We are looking to continue the strong results of the past seasons and are looking for additional players, both to strengthen our Women’s First Team in Københavner-serien and to ensure depth in the squad of our newly opened second 11-a-side team. Regardless of where you might fit in, if you are interested in playing football, send an email to Head coach Jeppe at to learn more.


About the club

CBS Sport Football has a total of 9 teams. The men’s squad has four 11-a-side teams which play weekly matches in the official DBU Serie leagues (Serie 2, Serie 3, Serie 4, and Serie 5), as well as two rather independent 7-a-side teams in the 7-a-side tournament. The women’s squad has an 11-a-side team in Københavnerserien and a newly-created side in Serie 2, as well as a 7-a-side team in the women’s 7-a-side tournament. Most teams practice outside all year round and will compete in pre-season winter tournaments this spring. However, the club also offers teams for both Men and Women on a purely social basis, focusing on camaraderie and playing matches. These teams do not practice during the week.

CBS Sport Football aims to be an institution which lies between a dedicated student organization and a ambitious football club. We strive to be innovative, both as a football club in order to create results on the pitch and as a student organization to provide a platform for students to gain hands-on leadership experience in coaching and executive roles. We have fun, most of all when we win. So while CBS Sport Football has a strong emphasis on social events, the coaches and players all come to practice with the goal to win matches. This ambitious sporting atmosphere has resulted numerous promotions over the past couple of years, notably the Men’s First Team’s promotions to Series 2, and there is a clear determination amongst both leaders and players to continue these trends - both having fun and winning. Finally, we achieve all this together. The inclusive student-atmosphere which is fostered at CBS Sport Football also has room for international students and absence due to work or exam preparations. We are part of the CBS Sport community and together we are continuously building a club that was founded less than 10 years ago. A club where we, by building on a social platform founded around the Univeristy, take on the established sporting clubs in Denmark.

Any general questions regarding CBS Sport Football should be sent to


Practice Fee

For prospective players to try-out (invite only):

Free of charge

Fee for one semester:

11-a-side with practices and matches:

11-a-side Serie 5 (only matches): DKK 400
Womens 7-a-side (social): DKK 250
Mens 7-a-side (social): DKK 250 

Pay Player-Fee


All paying members will receive information by email, but many minor social events and messages are also posted on facebook - go here for the women's team and here for the men's teams.